Monday, January 12, 2009

Preparing a nice girly body for anal play

I've got some questions regarding to shaving parts of the body and preparing the backdoor for safe and pleasurable penetration. Girls are used to the shaving process and they're very good at it but even they might be in need of a fast and easy way to clean that lovely tight hole of many pleasures. 

Well, I am quite fortunate being not too hairy so regular shaving (that means every other day on average) takes no more than 5-10 minutes for the whole body under the running shower. I tried foams and creams earlier, but the easiest and most practical way turned out to be the razor and the pure running water. Hairy first timers - of course - should trim the hair first and might prefer to use foam to practice the shaving safely. To avoid cuts, you need to buy quality women's razors with moisturising pads. In the past using cheap crappy ones I've always cut myself, but recently with the quality razors not even once. Do not shave your sensitive parts (lower ab, around genitals and underarms) against the direction of growth. It causes ingrown hair and ugly spots sure enough. It's good to use some body lotion afterwards to have silky touch and it also makes you nicely scented.

I'm told to look good shaved even as a man. Don't be afraid of what others might think when noticing your shaven body. If they ask, just tell them you feel better without hair or that you want to swim faster :)

I'm not a fan of fake body parts and augmentations (like breast forms and such), probably because I do not go out in public and because I like to wear tiny dresses and to touch my body in it's most natural state. 

The perfect makeup is an art in itself, but you can find very good advices and movie clips on YouTube. 

Anal cleaning tips

For some, anal cleaning is an erotic act and is a part of their kinky games so they're using enemas and stuff. Well, I'm not into that kinda things, so I can't tell you much about that. For me it's just a necessary thing for playing safe so I want it to be fast and effective. I don't need to clean the whole system, just the final section called the rectum that is no more than 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) long.

I remove the head of the shower and using the tube only I let some mildly warm water run into my rectum. Not too much, just what loosens up what might be left in there. Then I go to the toilet and let it all go out. Repeat it a few times, until there's nothing but clean water comes out. Sometimes I even have to push the tube into the rectum a few inches for the complete cleaniness, but then I am very careful not to scrape the delicate tissues. The whole process doesn't take longer than a few minutes, then all I need is some water based lube and I'm ready to play. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

In honour of femininity and the greatness of anal orgasm: A year without my dick

I am taking a big step this year as I decided to GO FOR A WHOLE YEAR without any pleasure given to me by my cock. My last orgasm was on the 30th of December. And there will be no more for 2009, at least not using my penis. I am very excited. Last year, I've been doing several weeks chaste as a man several times, but this is going to be long... 

Things are pretty hectic in my life nowdays and I'm facing big changes anyways, so why not make life even more challenging? If I'll be doing fine, I might even opt for a sex change without the fear of losing my dick permanently! :))

Among other things, I'll try to change some of my conditions so I could live and dress and have sex like a woman at least in private. Having sex - of course - means faking it with dildos. Soon noone will belive me, but I'm still attracted to girls and have no desire to fuck with real men... Ohh, but one year without my cock... Who knows? I may become a sissy completely! Knowing about my high sex drive and my wild fantasies suddenly I might find myself on a table legs up in the air fucked by five men with hot cum all over my body. Since I've already tried and enjoyed double anal penetration with dildos I could easily handle the situation: Two guys ramming my ass, one my throat, while I'm preparing the last two with my hands... ONE FULL YEAR WITHOUT MY COCK... Ohh, what am I doing?!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Experiences in having pleased anally only

Thank you all for continuously asking about the status of my experiments. I've been quiet for a while, but things were going pretty well. I've got very nice comments, some of them are interesting stories about one's efforts or achievements. Please read them and continue to share your stories or opinions with all of us. (Since names aren't really telling, please let us know if you're male, female, CD/TV/TS... whatever, it helps us to better understand you.)

Well, I'm still not able to crossdress regularly and express my feminine half the way I'd love to, but my training for a different sexual enjoyment went on unobstructed. I've managed to refrain from masturbation and had anal only stimulation for 4-6 week periods several times in the second half of last year. It was a great experience, so I'm going to share some details with those who're interested.

The first week is always quite challenging especially as I watch porn regularly during those periods. As I discovered, if I do not have time for some kinky anal play, the best thing to do when I have an almost unbearable erection is to play with my nipples while sitting and clenching my PC muscles for 2-3 seconds several times for like 3-5 minutes while taking deep breaths. I clench the muscles really hard and I move my whole lower abdomen in and out making forward-backward motions like what you see when a girl rides on a cock passionately. This stimulates the inner parts and makes my whole body shiver and if I am really aroused it usually makes some pre-cum leak out. Then when I stop, I feel great and somewhat relieved. Well at least I can finally move my attention to things other than sex :P

I've tried edging as well (you know, stopping masturbation just before orgasm and ejaculation) but while I find it extremely pleasurable, after several days of tease and denial it's difficult to avoid falling over the edge, and then I ruin the whole thing. On the other hand, my personal goal is to totally refrain from penile stimulation, so my anus and my prostate becomes my primary source of sexual pleasure. 

So the first week is the hard part then it becomes much easier. From the experiences of last year I can declare that I enjoy anal stimulation much better than masturbating with my penis. After experiencing a series of mini-orgasms and involuntary muscle contractions caused by anal stimulation (that I described in an earlier post), I no longer need to reach for my penis for sexual pleasure. It feels wonderful throughout the session and afterwards. The best thing is that I can do it as long as I want. When I stop I feel somewhat relieved but always ready for more. The hard thing for beginners might be to decide when to stop. Well, I like to do it for 30-60 minutes, then if I'm in the mood I like to go for another 15-20 minutes. From my experiences it's better to go for shorter sessions several times (with some breaks in between), because that way I feel the stimulation stronger and on the other hand I find the first few minutes of initial penetration the most arousing.

In regard to the size of the penis/dildo, I've got an almost regular male size (just a bit larger) but definately smaller than what you can see in my earlier posts. However I find the bigger ones are fantastic for short teasing, they make you sore when you ride it for too long. The regular size can have the same effect if used at the right speed and angle. Regarding to speed, too fast doesn't make it better. Constant speed and deep breaths are the key for me.

For those who are willing to try for themselves what I'm talking about, please do not expect too much too soon. The feeling is totally different than regular male orgasms and it takes a lot of time and practice. I think the key is not to expect any particular feeling especially not an orgasm, just to enjoy what feels good and consider it the best you can have at the moment. First, you have to enjoy being aroused for long even without having an orgasm. I am even thankful not to have an orgasm, since it keeps me horny and ready for more pleasure anytime.