Friday, June 20, 2008

How does female sexuality feel like?

I think men and woman have a lot of things in common sexually but we use our body quite differently. Penis is clitoris, prostate is g-spot and these all can be used for achieving orgasms with enough stimulation. Men almost always get concentrated stimulation in their penis so they can get to a pleasing and relieving orgasm relatively fast. 

If stroking a cock is like rubbing a clit, and men and women both have a sensitive spot somewhere inside, there has to be a way for men to be pleased with being penetrated like women are. OK, men have no vagina and gays already know the trick for quite a long time, but what I saw or heard from them and from others like shemales or experimenting straight guys, they usually stroke their cock for orgasms and that's not the same. Sexually charged women can cum just from being penetrated vaginally and many of them anally as well.

For men - from childhood masturbation to adult sex - the mechanism remains almost the same, so "the wires are connected firmly".

An important part of my experiment is to try to reconnect those wires.


Anonymous said...

I hate you, I want to make love to you!! Precious

Monica said...

I feel my self very similar to you, except that I haven't full discovered the anal pleasure yet, and I am still at the stage of male pleasure, but I hate it as the way you hate it. You have really nice skin and body, i wonder if you take female hormone?

Adithi said...

nice informations u provided. as it gives better safety.. enjoy ur life.. TC

Anonymous said...

I love your feet...I want to cum on them....I want to know meet you...why did your blog stop so long ago? what happened?

Dena said...

i would encourgae you to start this back up...i am so in awe of you...i am sorry that some post on here are trashy...not what you deserve....this is such a wonderful servuice to many many others you have no idea if the good that it does.