Thursday, January 8, 2009

In honour of femininity and the greatness of anal orgasm: A year without my dick

I am taking a big step this year as I decided to GO FOR A WHOLE YEAR without any pleasure given to me by my cock. My last orgasm was on the 30th of December. And there will be no more for 2009, at least not using my penis. I am very excited. Last year, I've been doing several weeks chaste as a man several times, but this is going to be long... 

Things are pretty hectic in my life nowdays and I'm facing big changes anyways, so why not make life even more challenging? If I'll be doing fine, I might even opt for a sex change without the fear of losing my dick permanently! :))

Among other things, I'll try to change some of my conditions so I could live and dress and have sex like a woman at least in private. Having sex - of course - means faking it with dildos. Soon noone will belive me, but I'm still attracted to girls and have no desire to fuck with real men... Ohh, but one year without my cock... Who knows? I may become a sissy completely! Knowing about my high sex drive and my wild fantasies suddenly I might find myself on a table legs up in the air fucked by five men with hot cum all over my body. Since I've already tried and enjoyed double anal penetration with dildos I could easily handle the situation: Two guys ramming my ass, one my throat, while I'm preparing the last two with my hands... ONE FULL YEAR WITHOUT MY COCK... Ohh, what am I doing?!


Anonymous said...

Its been a while. Glad to know that you are still doing your experiment. Please continue and tell us your experiences and boy would i like to see more of you! Thanx.

Jessica said...

Good to see that you are still in it for the long haul. Please keep us updated. I would love to see some of the toys you use and the clothes you wear during your experience.

And also, you should consider chastity devices. I think the difference of you not touching yourself out of self control as compared to just not being able to might give you a different edge in the experience. They sell cock and ball cages that restrict erections but maintain the arousal. They can be worn around the clock, without restriction to everyday activities such as showering and going to the bathroom. They also come with locks ;)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! A whole year of only fucking yourself with a dildo....I can't imagine how you could not become a full fledged sissy! :) You should look at these---they're flash animations that make you want to wear panties (, suck cock (, and get fucked ( Something about the cock sucking one really works well---watch it for 30 min or so, and you WILL want to suck cock. Please, post more pics/vids and let us know how it's going!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck sweetie! I look forward to your progress!

Anonymous said...

wow, impresive, interesting and so sexy coming from you, i hope you keep posting blogs and vids or pics constantly to know how are you doing with all this sex change in the mind thing.


Laura Andrea

Anonymous said...

wow! i think you will be soon fucked by men.. please upload some new uncensored movies and photos.. you are really beautiful.. if i were you i would not wait and spend my time with dildos only.. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

I'm a man 30+, and I like crossdressing too. I like your blog and experiences. I like your shoes, your legs too. I have sone question:
- how are now your legs after many shavin? can other people guess you use to shave it? how are your legs hair?
- How you prepapre your ass to masturbation? how you gets anal shower?
Thank you



Anonymous said...

hey sexy!

i guess if u really wana live like a woman and experience proper feminity... why not try a v-string... i guess that would be really interesting!! specially if u made a nice lil video to show how it goes!

I think it would be great for your experiment, as you really want to experience what its like to be a woman, I guess you should experience what its like to have a vagina!

Here are some links you can find it from:


Bi_Guy_In_NC said...

You have the sexiest feet and prettiest cock in the world.

PLease KEEP that pretty cock.

It is what makes you especially HOTT!!

I dream of wraping my lips around it and licking your pretty hole for hours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christine,


I have a question I'd like to ask you a question about what you do. Any chance you can let us know how you can be contacted?
I can be reached at JonahKyles (at) gmail


marci said...

Hi. I just found you while going around youtube... I fell very much like you in a lot of senses. And you just gave me a reason to continue exploring myself.

Anonymous said...

i think to truly experience the sole pleasure of anal penetration you must put away your dick - otherwise you will always know it is there and you are not touching it. instead tuck it away - get used to looking down at a smooth front - even in man clothese, tuck it away until you forget its even there - this way gives more and more attention to your butt

best of luck
luv u

Anonymous said...

You are the SEXIEST, HOTTEST, SENSUAL and FEMININE WOMAN. You should be a Playboy Playmate of the Year. I love your soft smooth skin, your gorgeous glamorous hands, polished nails, feet and legs. You wear perfect sexy black shoes and jewelry.

You make the the best foot and leg fetish videos. You are a WORLD CLASS PIECE OF ASS! You are hotter than any girl Donald Trump has dated or any model ever. I would worship you and treat you like the princess that you are. I am begging and pleading with you, please play and stroke your gorgeous shemale cock and please film a cum shot at the end of every video. Please make more pantyhose videos with your shemale cock hard.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these videos. You are so special and I only wish you happiness. Whoever dates you is the luckiest person. Take care and please post more XXX videos.

Jennifer (USA

Anonymous said... know its all inevitable...waitin is just another way to avoid the pleasure (feelin guilty or somethin?)..
When you're ready send me a note...we can make it all work the right way...the way that will make you move to a new level...


Waitin on you baby...

Anonymous said...

you need to be locked in chastity my dear

Anonymous said...

What a c(r)ock!

Kevyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevyn said...

Hello Christine,
I'm a 29 yrs-old crossdresser in a private myself & happy 4 it. I had sex w/ my w/ 2 dildos (a skinny dildo & a fat dildo) everyday & it's a real rush & more female-like. Having an orgasm like a woman is a unimaginable.

Please keep the entry goin & if U like, email me.


pbuxton said...

Please count me in as an admirer. You look great.

It will be possible to come from anal stimulation only, but remember sex is primarily mental: you will need to follow your desire to get there. I also wouldn't be surprised if you need a second party (male or strap-on equipped female) to get over the top.

I'll be following this blog. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

There's no going back, sweetie. There's nothing temporary about it.

You're a girl now, just like the rest of us sissies.

Embrace it. Submit to it.

When the moment is right, you'll give in all the way. We all do.


Anonymous said...

Hello Christine

Im a new CD of 30yo and reading this really gave me the thrill to try this experiment out myself, please post more updates on how its going and tips and such. I love you, you are very sexy and sooo feminine. please id love to have a private chat with you sometime so please write me. sissy.patty79 {at}

Anonymous said...

wishing you would Update! girl you are so beautiful and I wanna know how you are doing and how the experiment is going PLEASE Post. thanks hon.

Anonymous said...

nearly 10 months on and how has the lack of male arousal gone I wonder?

Anonymous said...

All of you who keeping saying he will inevitably end up sleeping with men have no idea what you are talking about.

Case in point: I am a straight male, and I enjoy crossdressing (mostly shoes, nail polish, anklets, and toe rings, but I would probably do more if I had the figure to pull it off). I do this because I appreciate women (I even go so far as to call myself a philogynist, the polar opposite of a misogynist) and it makes me feel good (and I don't just mean in a sexual/fetishistic way: I would wear women's shoes around the house all the time if it wasn't for roommates who don't know about this habit). I even collect dolls -- both Barbies and some more higher-end ones.

My girlfriend and some of our mutual gay friends call me a "lesbian."

Imitation, as they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

Also, I've even anally penetrated myself on numerous occasions.

And keeping in mind all of this information: I HAVE NO DESIRE TO EVER SLEEP WITH A MAN. Penises do not bother or offend me (although the most adamantly heterosexual men I know almost seem to get offended by the sight of another man's penis, for whatever reason; I believe this is because of extreme homophobia or fear of being labeled gay themselves), but I don't lust after them. I do not desire them.

So give this guy a break. Stop trying to make him gay by forcing him into your little guys-who-like-girly-things-MUST-eventually-end-up-gay mold. He even said in his profile that he was probably a lesbian in a previous life, and in case you didn't know: LESBIANS DON'T LIKE PENIS. I even know a lesbian with is literally afraid of penises.

Sean said...

You're almost at the end of your year, how exciting! How are things going?

Anonymous said...

hey,can u turn me into a number is 513 258 1337.

sissycrissi said...

How did you do, sweetie?

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous!
You inspired me to wear high heels and to wear womens cloth and I love it!!!!!
Now I'm looking some handsom to fuck me smooth and hard :*

Anonymous said...

Its me again :)
If someone wants to talk with me, or want to see my feet, mail me on:

Please Cristine, write some news to us :*

teenage sexaholics said...

it is good sometimes to stop having sex, and abstinence, I recommend to all is good for health

Natelie Nicole said...

you are sooo super hot! how's your progress? i love anal orgasm too! its soo feminine and erotic!...and i can only hold out for 2 weeks..before i need to milk myself inspire me!!

Anonymous said...

Such Sexy Vids!! We would all love for you to post an update!

Incarnation said...

I love what you're doing. I'm too ashamed to be doing what you dare to do, and I'm miserable because of it... but... I still think you're very sexy and beautiful, and it's too bad you're not into guys because I would flaunt you to everyone if I had you!

willy said...

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Steve said...

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Dave said...

Hi Christina. I relaise that the year without penis work has now passed. How did it go? Did you go longer or has circumstances altered.
I am a straight 50yo. I cannot maintain an erection for very long to satisfy my wife; so I do not worry about orgasm for me; all for her.
But I am not missing it.

Best regards

Isa de France said...

interresting ;)

After 20 years it costs more than 600 hours shaving and minimum 500 razor blades;

Being too hairy I opted for hair removal by light, after 6 scéances (during few months) plus an(or 2) annual scéance(s) I got rid of problem hair

I hope u'll find a woman who likes girly-man ....


davina1007 said...

I agree, once sissified, there is no going back. Start the journey, then finish it as a complete woman.

SandiiTS said...

So Stunning and sexy !! just saw this video ..and had to go to the a transgender woman....I Must say... Excellent!!!

reina said...

to have an anal orgasm easier do shallow strokes with a width dildo so that you rub the Prostate gland. you might have to stroke at an angle to get sufficient prostate friction.
also search for glue and medical tape tuck because being tucked so strickly helps and it can look like a real vagina