Sunday, January 4, 2009

Experiences in having pleased anally only

Thank you all for continuously asking about the status of my experiments. I've been quiet for a while, but things were going pretty well. I've got very nice comments, some of them are interesting stories about one's efforts or achievements. Please read them and continue to share your stories or opinions with all of us. (Since names aren't really telling, please let us know if you're male, female, CD/TV/TS... whatever, it helps us to better understand you.)

Well, I'm still not able to crossdress regularly and express my feminine half the way I'd love to, but my training for a different sexual enjoyment went on unobstructed. I've managed to refrain from masturbation and had anal only stimulation for 4-6 week periods several times in the second half of last year. It was a great experience, so I'm going to share some details with those who're interested.

The first week is always quite challenging especially as I watch porn regularly during those periods. As I discovered, if I do not have time for some kinky anal play, the best thing to do when I have an almost unbearable erection is to play with my nipples while sitting and clenching my PC muscles for 2-3 seconds several times for like 3-5 minutes while taking deep breaths. I clench the muscles really hard and I move my whole lower abdomen in and out making forward-backward motions like what you see when a girl rides on a cock passionately. This stimulates the inner parts and makes my whole body shiver and if I am really aroused it usually makes some pre-cum leak out. Then when I stop, I feel great and somewhat relieved. Well at least I can finally move my attention to things other than sex :P

I've tried edging as well (you know, stopping masturbation just before orgasm and ejaculation) but while I find it extremely pleasurable, after several days of tease and denial it's difficult to avoid falling over the edge, and then I ruin the whole thing. On the other hand, my personal goal is to totally refrain from penile stimulation, so my anus and my prostate becomes my primary source of sexual pleasure. 

So the first week is the hard part then it becomes much easier. From the experiences of last year I can declare that I enjoy anal stimulation much better than masturbating with my penis. After experiencing a series of mini-orgasms and involuntary muscle contractions caused by anal stimulation (that I described in an earlier post), I no longer need to reach for my penis for sexual pleasure. It feels wonderful throughout the session and afterwards. The best thing is that I can do it as long as I want. When I stop I feel somewhat relieved but always ready for more. The hard thing for beginners might be to decide when to stop. Well, I like to do it for 30-60 minutes, then if I'm in the mood I like to go for another 15-20 minutes. From my experiences it's better to go for shorter sessions several times (with some breaks in between), because that way I feel the stimulation stronger and on the other hand I find the first few minutes of initial penetration the most arousing.

In regard to the size of the penis/dildo, I've got an almost regular male size (just a bit larger) but definately smaller than what you can see in my earlier posts. However I find the bigger ones are fantastic for short teasing, they make you sore when you ride it for too long. The regular size can have the same effect if used at the right speed and angle. Regarding to speed, too fast doesn't make it better. Constant speed and deep breaths are the key for me.

For those who are willing to try for themselves what I'm talking about, please do not expect too much too soon. The feeling is totally different than regular male orgasms and it takes a lot of time and practice. I think the key is not to expect any particular feeling especially not an orgasm, just to enjoy what feels good and consider it the best you can have at the moment. First, you have to enjoy being aroused for long even without having an orgasm. I am even thankful not to have an orgasm, since it keeps me horny and ready for more pleasure anytime. 


Anonymous said...

wow, it's nice to know you're still doing your sexperiment, and that you have achieve something with it, since you decide now how and how long your drive will lasts.
I guess that to this point you know you have lots of fans and that we would like to see more of you, i hope this year that will come and that you have more chances to do this in your everyday life.
happy new year

laura andrea

Bi-Guy-In-NC said...

I Love your Blog and your sexuality.


I'd love to spen a night with you - teasing and pleasing until the sexual tension built to an eruption.

Stay Sexy!!

Drujka said...


Can you publish some resume of you past year experiment?

Regards, Alex.

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faith said...

like you,i am so into women that i started cd'ing at an early age. I love their clothes,shoes,and love to dress up.
I don't look too bad as a girl,but you are something else.
You are the ultimate in femininity and surpass all real women.
I dream of being your boy/girlfriend.
Keep it up and don't ever change!

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Anonymous said...

I just love your movies. there is another one? Please post it or send me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine!
Your blog is excellent and I think your experiment is very interesting. I've been doing the same experiment for a while until last year. I would love to share/exchange experiences with you about it.
I think I have very interesting things to tell you about how my boday reacted after being a long time feminized (for example, beard stopped growing!! and I was using no hormons, drugs or things like that!)
I was shocked and stoped my experiment. Now I'm considering to continue it.
Anyway, I would love to chat/e-mail with you about it.
Contact me if you want at thms_jolie at

I like how you write your blog, it's serious, interesting but also kinky without being rude!
Beatiful pics and videos!

Carolyn said...

Oh baby. You must do more videos in pantyhose. Preferably wearing a tight dress and sexxxy heels and incredibly feminine.

I get the biggest erection watching you in pantyhose.

You are sooo incredibly hot in pantyhose ... please make more videos in stockings.

Admirer of your hot pantyhose legs.

Anonymous said...

ya even i am doing the same as you i dont masturbate and feeling the change like you and lot more things i am experiencing

sensual25 said...

hi im rebeca, i just start it to wach your videos and i love ur femenine side, and i read all aout ur experiment, u know someting, i experiment exately the samething that you sayd, i dont like mans but i love crossdreser, i like to se my self look like a women, but diferent of you, i showup my self couple of times, i go out in te night to some club, and u know something, the mans don't even know if aim a women or men, wen that hapen.. i fell so good because that menas i have a perfect femenine apariense in my femenine side, but i have a normal life, like a man.. well i'll be here checkin ur blog

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this i have always liked dressing as a woman but never did it much but since you posted this i have been doing nothing but anal stimulation and i have been shaving everything

Mathew J. said...
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