Friday, June 27, 2008

Whoa... I squirt like a bitch!

I was right and it all goes better than I thought. One week passed and I managed to leave my dick untouched without even the slightest feeling of frustration. OK, I played with myself in other ways on every day this week. But as my general arousal increases I feel so much pleasure caressing my nipples and my whole body that whenever I start penetrating myself with a massive dildo sticked to the floor I feel like being in heaven for 20-30 minutes. This could be a similar thing that girls feel while being fucked at the right angle and speed. 

I was right, the key to all this is to completely avoid any penis stimulation and not just for the session but entirely during the experimental period. I've never felt this good before, except for the time I had sex with girls I was very deeply in love with. Simple sex act of any other kind doesn't feel this good. So this must be an emotional, hormonal or whatever thing. 

The juice of the week

In this almost constant aroused state, after about 10 minutes of constant ramming I experience a very strong contraction in my lower abdomen and I squirt like those chicks in the movies where they have their g-spot stimulated through their pussies or asses. The fluid that comes out is mostly pee with some prostate fluid in it. However, it's not a real orgasm, it's a very strong and wonderful thing but without the final relieving feeling that a regular orgasm causes. But that is what makes it special. I can continue to have more of this as long as I almost pass out and I need to rest.

I've got one more thing that heightens my arousal very much. Whenever I enjoy riding the dildo I usually watch porn movie scenes where extremely pretty girls are rammed in their ass for a long time without touching their clits or pussies. It's not the guy or his dick what I enjoy seeing in these scenes, but the facial expressions of these female beauties and the noises and groanings they make. I try to imagine what they might feel and I try to feel the same. 

This whole thing really works. I think I'm getting closer to what I want to achieve. I want to practice more, even this is already much more than what I expected...


Caramel Black said...

Hi, from Cara. It's been a week for me too now and since it's been a dry spell for sex, that's unusual for me. I usually masturbate atleast once a day when I don't have company. But now it's been so long, my entire body is like a live nerve. I know that you're a straight gurl, but thinking of you penetrating with your big dildo has made my cock so stiff that my panties seem like they're about to burst. The 20-30 minutes I'm fantasizing about is me, working my way inside you and taking your "virginity."

Oh, I still love sex with girls genetic girls but love it with tgirls more. What I really love is someone who looks as feminine and gorgeous as you do, yet with a little something extra. I don't care about size. My main thrill is in helping less experienced gurls to open up and feel more at ease with themselves. There's plenty of room in that for my own selfish pleasures, too.

By the way, doing this with some great porn playing is great, Christine, whether you're alone or with someone.

Anonymous said...

Hello Christine... You have beautiful legs, and know how to strut your stuff too! Like a few other posters I feel sort of a connection to you in that I dress occasionally.

I also shave my whole body but not regularly, but I do wear a wig... mostly because I have to. I like putting on makeup but have a lot to learn. The thing that surprised me most was how much I was turned on by wearing fake nails. I totally didn't expect that!

Unlike what you have said in your posts, I can't help but think how wonderful it would be to have a real cock butt fuc*ing me... instead of a huge dildo.

I love to come while playing, but I'm considerably older than you are and at this point I have to work at it more than I used to?

Guy's are so gross. I should know because I am one. But I don't see why I shouldn't enjoy cock. I've never had one, and would probably turn into a cock sucking whore if I ever did.

I'm very attracted to shemales, but have never acted on it. I think I'd really like to experience that! That's my porn of choice.

I like to get video clips of myself "Cassie Play" and make movies with MovieMaker. It's a low resolution camera BTW. LOL.

I too wondered if women could sense a sort of feminine side to me? I thought it interesting that you also mentioned that.

I'm glad I saw your clips on YouTube and found this blog. I was looking at Meghan Cevaliers channel and that's when I saw those legs, and had to have a look.

Have Fun Christine...

Dominique said...

I'm going to try your experience. I have a massive dildo as well that I can take about 10 inches of without pain. But I cannot get sexual pleasure from it at least physically. Mentally I enjoy it very much. Perhaps I will try watching some like porn while I screw my dildo.
Again... I would like to communicate often and enjoy this journey together...


Anonymous said...

Dear Christine,

whoa, i am speechles...:) My name is Marc. I am 25 years old from Germany. My experience in differnet kind of fetishes i "collected" over the years "especially online" took me to my absolute favorite fetish: "aestethic". I have to say that i am not Gay. I think the biggest compliment i can give you, is that any man who loves your body and style, does not have to feel gay or bisexual. Any human on earth thinking that you are not absolutely gorgeus and oversexy is totally mad. I am totally into foot fetish (but i dont like smelly socks or such things). I am into female aestethic, and you do it perfectly. You are the perfect combination of sexyness, style and also Dirtyness. You have got my "wish sexuality". I really feel connected with you, as i also colored my feet, dressed up and put make up on. But i also have the other side. So I created my own Fetish Girl named Kara Doll. I am her Master for 4 years now. Watch her site and you will see what my sexuality is all about, as she reflects most of my sexual wishes. I transformed her. I am always looking for "quality friends" online with great styles. But, (no joke!), you are what i have been lookin for..... 7 years now? I read al your articles. Its unbelievable sexy and great. I would love to hear from you...

or search for " Kara Doll" on google.

My MSN adress is:


Feetkisses from Marc :)!

Who am I? said...

This is a very interesting experiment. I hope you keep the blog up for awhile. I've been kinda experimenting myself but in Second Life. You can check my blog for details but it's been awhile since i touched it.

Anonymous said...

very kewl, I really would love to do this myself. I think I would pay anything to have someone make me over a sexy woman for a week, teach me everything about being a woman, take m,e out on the town and even help me meet men to flirt with. Unlike you, I do want to know how it would feel to go through what your doing, but also have a man treat me as a woman totally.

losidt said...

Wow its as I am reading my own thoughts, although I have been with one man and it was absolutely amazing. I never considered myself bi but I wanted to feel as close to a woman as possible and now i wouldnt trade it for anything. The emotions and sexual feelings that came on during were incredible. Even today one year later it gets me so hot instantly just remembering it. He treated me like a woman and we loved every inch of each other, for months. He was not feminine, until I asked him if he wanted to try on a pair of my many heels, and then it got soooo interesting and hottt. Today I just love to dress and also masterbate analy. Thank you for your blog, Im sure it helps alot of people who feel the same way we do......

Anonymous said...

I went through the same experiment over years - although only recently in a regular way -, with the option of changing roles with women who like to do so. Thus, in their company, I am the women, very feminine, in the company of a more or less male woman or even a totally feminine woman who acts like an active lesbian, and takes me as her woman. I did not experienced any male orgasm for long - only very feminine ones - to the point squirting translucid fluids without even touching my penis. My partner taking over me slowly, penetrating me with her fingers of dildo, making me feel like her babe, or even just caressing my pelvic region led me to astonishing orgasms I had never experienced as a man. I can say a couple of times I had "uterine" orgasms because they came from deep inside and took my whole body and lasted long, leading me to a state of no-consciousness.

Dick Rick said...

Facinating stuff Christine and may I say you have a lovely pair of legs to simply die for!

Ticklesheer said...


just saw some of your youtube vids and came to this blog. Great to see this. I'm actually gay, but my interest in this almost feels kind of straight to me. Let me explain. I, too, dress up in hose and 6" heels, though for me it's hot to think of it as a straight guy who is forced to dress this way against his will, so I don't paint toes or shave hair. Instead I often involve bondage and then, to bring it to the next level, tickle torture. The idea of being tickled myself (or tickling some other guy) in hose and super high heels, especially mules with just one thin strap across the toe, turns me on like nothing else!

Even though I'm gay, I've never really been into anal, but this blog is kind of changing my mind (straight guy educating me on anal sex is pretty hilarious to me).

Anyway, all for now. Got to look through your blog and read some more entries and see if there are any pics!!

Thanks for the youtube vids, keep them coming. And how about some involving bondage and/or tickle torture?!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, I think you should see how deep the rabbit hole goes and order yourself some estrofem, that will make those legs FEEL like the real deal for sure.

Andreita said...

Hola Christine: soy Andrea, de Chile, tal vez no puedas leer en español, pero lo intentaré. Me ha encantado tu blog (he debido recurrir al diccionario para entender mejor). I want that we can to be friends. If you write in english, i will intent answer in english. I need yours words because i also want to be a free woman.
Besos (Kisses), from a friend of Chile.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
I am a 30+ crossdresser from the UK. I call my female self Claire and your blog is one of the best things I have ever unearthed. I feel at times like I'm reading something that I could have written myself. I love being a girl and like you I find the feeling leaves me when I masturbate. I don't how you are able to be a girl for a long time and not touch yourself. I love to get dressed up when I play with my toy and I love doing it with some porn on, and, like you, I'm always watching the women's faces in these scenes. I hope that your nipples become as sensitive as mine. Somedays my nipples are so soft and receptive that even with the slightest nudge or stroke I am on fire.
It is great to read about someone who takes the time to explore their female side and who is willing to take the time and effort to post the results.
Lots of Love, Claire

Anonymous said...

Continued pleeeease!!!!!!! I'm really fan of your work, much harder it would be totally amazing, videos with men or women, why not? Thank's for all..kiss

Anonymous said...

One of the best works I have ever seen in my life.
You are more than a woman.
Big Kiss

Caramel Black said...

I love this thread. Every time I come back to it, I get so stiff in my panties and soaking wet.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, I bought a suction cup dildo and was able to leak profusely without even usuing my hands. The penetrating feeling made me so envious of women and like a prior poster said it has caused me to go gaga over tgurls because of what they have to offer. The chaste part sure does cause a lot of frustration that explodes out when you finally give it an opening. Keep up the great work and love the pics.

Anonymous said...


Non ho altre parole.

Anonymous said...

You are the SEXIEST, HOTTEST, SENSUAL and FEMININE WOMAN. You should be a Playboy Playmate of the Year. I love your soft smooth skin, your gorgeous glamorous hands, polished nails, feet and legs. You wear perfect sexy black shoes and jewelry.

You make the the best foot and leg fetish videos. You are a WORLD CLASS PIECE OF ASS! You are hotter than any girl Donald Trump has dated or any model ever. I would worship you and treat you like the princess that you are. I am begging and pleading with you, please play and stroke your gorgeous shemale cock and please film a cum shot at the end of every video. Please make more pantyhose videos with your shemale cock hard.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these videos. You are so special and I only wish you happiness. Whoever dates you is the luckiest person. Take care and please post more XXX videos.

Jennifer (USA

Anonymous said...

love the heels im wearing 4" t bars they make me feel so horny but im locked up so i cant play

Anonymous said...

I noticed at about 19 minutes into your "movie" your shoes become ankle strapless. Did you change shoes? Other than the ankle strap they look the same. By the way, you have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

hey wat are the PC muscles?

sweetkiss38 said...

Really awesome! I love your sexy feet , hands and body . By the way do you know how sweet your ackside is ? I am not gay nor bi just here to see you acting like a goddess.

sexy sheer lingerie said...

course.. I try the same thing you mention and never imagine it was so exciting .. You've never thought of being with another woman .. If so call me!!

Tamuyal said...

Dear friend Christine, basically my complete difference with you, is that I had never the opportunity to do the things you are doing now, so there was a big envy when I had read your papers and see your fine and slender body as woman, my biggest respects to you.

I’m a 100% heterosexual man, but with a queer very fanatic idea, I’m a fetishist about women highest heels, the only black point in the happy relation with my wife,I get my goals as often as possible, walking in the most incredible highest, no platforms thinnest metal heels. I can walk in my 6.5” pumps in my USA size 12.
Looking for more sex power, I begun to enter by my ass hard things, because I had read that the prostate was the most sexual sensible part,including the penis head,By my age, my prostate give problems now, but this problem was decaying with my new activities,
My maximum rectum depth is about 7”, the maximum width is a round hard devise 68mm( 2.75”) wide, a real wide hard penis, so gradually I was habituded to use a similar to a human cock, soft rubber prick 3” wide and 7” long. With this dong in my ass, climbed over my heels, masturbations are wonderful, instead my old age.
Few years, ago looking clips by internet, I could see formidable beautiful like, or including better than women, transvestites and transsexuals, very well endowed and shoed with my ideal heels.
I knew that they accomplished my desires for sexual companions, that are: to use extreme highest heels, to accept me dressed as I like, looking sexy real woman, and in agrrement, able to give me formidable fucking sessions with HER wide cocks, but not as deep as they are able to enter me, not lower to my 7" max. depth. I’m a 100% heterosexual, so I do love pretty sexy women, but these are men, so the doubt remains in me. Could I accept this too special kind of women? Or during the operation I’ll would lost my desires.
In summary you want to be an hermaphrodite, but with the difference that in a certain moment you want to be and feel like a woman, and then in another moment you want to return voluntarily to the use and feelings of your primitive sex, and so on.
It is the most interesting idea of yours, and I agree 100% that we can do it.
I must give my basics ideas about this true possibility.
The success of your purpose is easier in the material part of your body, but missing the brain education and to obtain it is only a task of practice and mental convincing. MY HORNIEST CONGRATULATIONS. The other idea of mine is that, we both have the same sex exploration desires. Always my desire was: In which way a girl is thinking and wishing when she is in a strong sexual desire when she is looking and touching your man’s sex devise?
You are trying to know this, with your very interesting experiments, without loosing your maleness. Please!!!!!!! Let me know your advances.

Well, I expect your comprehension, and beg your pardon for my mail.
Yours, Charles (The chilean mad man for extreme highest and thinnest heels and curious to an extreme about any sex event.)
P.S. Please, if this mail arrives OK to you, and you have some comments for me, let me know it, by my 2 direct mails and Both please, not to loose your kind comments and questions.
If you want I can send you, your scripts translated to my Spanish language, and please forgive me my English language mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

Some of the hottest amateur tgirl stuff I've seen. You definitely need to come back for 2013 with your sexy heels and legs, fucking your asshole and watching your patch bounce. Are you a uk girl?

john wilkins said...

Im a bi-curiius guy who like now loves to dress up heels bra panties and take pictures of self. if ne one wants pix

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